US Beer Review: Samuel Adams’ Whitewater IPA

This is my last American craft ale review for a month as in a few days I’ll be swapping the US beer scene for a short hiatus to Cornwall and Kent for a brief return to the UK world of ale. No doubt I’ll also be swapping the heat of … Continue reading

US Beer Review: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

I don’t think I’ve ever opened a beer, taken the first sup and literally not been able to stop drinking because it’s THAT good. Introducing and welcoming the Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale with open arms. OK, time to calm down and mention a few fun facts about Dogfish Head … Continue reading

US beer review: Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale

Hearing the word Farmville I immediately I think of the social farming simulation game by Zynga, which is hugely popular on Facebook. But, it’s also the name of a little-known town of some 4,600 folks in North Carolina and it boasts a small microbrewery still in its infancy, which specializes in … Continue reading

Stateside View: Nosferatu by Great Lakes Brewing

The American brewing scene is in rude health. So The Guest Ale has drafted in an English expat to cast her expert eye on the latest trends. In the fourth of her posts, all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Suzanna Lee-Kendall reviews Nosferatu by Great Lakes Brewing. Anyone familiar with … Continue reading