Beer Review: Maplemoon by Joseph Holt

Maplemoon beer  Joseph HoltAnother great find in Sainsbury’s, the award winning Maplemoon by Joseph Holt of Manchester. It won an IBA award back in 2005 and you can see why.

Its appearance is nothing spectacular – just a cloudy deep brown affair with a little effervescence – but the taste and texture is something special. It’s made with a little maple and North American cascade hops really combine well with the malt to give a truly satisfying experience.

It’s medium bodied, there’s a slight maple hit but mainly spices and the malt fights back late on. It’s both flavoursome and accessible in a major supermarket – top notch!

The Essentials:

ABV: 4.8%

Look: Rusty brown

Smell: Light toffee and berries

Taste: Complex mix of spices and maple

Our verdict: One of the most flavoursome premium ales you’ll find on tap.