US beer review: Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale

Hearing the word Farmville I immediately I think of the social farming simulation game by Zynga, which is hugely popular on Facebook. But, it’s also the name of a little-known town of some 4,600 folks in North Carolina and it boasts a small microbrewery still in its infancy, which specializes in flavoursome, dark beers. Farmville is my kind of town.

The brewers at Farmville’s The Duck -Rabbit Craft Brewery claim to be so happy that they dance and sing to the yeast as it ferments (!). Yes, really. They also only brew in small batches.

The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale pours with a gorgeous, cloudy dark amber hue. There’s very little head and no lacing. The hoppy aroma hits you in the nose straight away. First quaff is predominantly woody in flavour, which slowly imparts to a very floral, citrusy, hoppy lingering taste on the palate as you drink on. This should come as no surprise as it’s brewed with Saaz hops for a flowery taste and Amarillo hops contribute the citrus notes. It’s very mildly carbonated which doesn’t distract from the flavour.  It also boasts seven varieties of malts.

Verdict: Not bad. Typically American brown ales are more citrusy than their English counterparts so be prepared for that and take it in your stride. There’s no ABV listed on the bottle but I’m hazarding a guess at an average 4% so you can enjoy a couple of bottles of this little gem over a ploughman’s lunch. Now, pass me the pickle…