Beer Review: Hepworth 10

Being a frequent visitor to farmers’ markets in Kent and Sussex I come across the Hepworth Brewery of Horsham quite a bit. I’ve reviewed the Hepworth Pullman, Hepworth Sussex Pale Ale and the Hepworth Prospect previously, but to celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2011 Hepworth released its limited edition “10”.

I own numbers 3444 and 3445 of 3652 bottles made, so just got in there before the vat door shut! It’s a surprisingly strong pale ale made out of Golding, Admiral and Challenger hops and they really shine out in the hoppy verve that 10 has going on.

It doesn’t have much of a nose and it’s a lovely toffee colour, but the taste impresses. It’s a lovely, wonderfully quaffable pale ale which goes down a treat. That’s bad news at 6.5% because if you bought a number of these limited edition beauties you could easily be on the floor.

Good work, Hepworth. This is my favourite of yours. Bring it back!

The essentials:

ABV: 6.5%

Colour: Toffee

Nose: Slightly fruity, if anything.

Taste: Toffee and roasted caramel

Our verdict: The perfect 10? Not quite. It gets points for quaffability and subtle flavour.


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Beer Review: Hepworth 10