Lady of the Lakes

Our US ex-pat beer blogger Suzanna Lee-Kendall got quite excited when a Great Lakes Brewing Company truck pulled up next to her in Pittsburgh this week. So excited, in fact, that she wrote a post about it…

Nothing quite brightens your day as seeing the lorry from the Great Lakes Brewing Company pulling out of the car park of your favourite little local beer shop. The knowledge that a fresh selection of handcrafted beers (including the hope of the long-awaited seasonal Christmas Ale) have just arrived in your vicinity is quite thrilling.

Great Lakes Brewing Co have yet to disappoint me with any of their fine ales. I was attracted by their promise of beer that is brewed in the European tradition with barley and hops, (instead of  lesser ingredients like corn and rice) and which avoids preservatives, chemical synthetics, and attempts to use only the freshest ingredients.

They do a few lagers (ahem!) but those aside, there is the promise of plenty of great sounding (and great tasting!) ales to review shortly. I know what hands are for and I’d like to get mine around  a bottle of the Blackout Stout and the Conway Irish ale. After that I’ll be sampling the lighter attractions such as the Commodore Perry IPA and the Holy Moses white ale.

Watch this space because I’ve a feeling they won’t disappoint. Cheers!

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