Why I’ve bought into Brewdog

If you’re not already aware, Scottish craft brewer Brewdog is opening up its second “Equity for Punks” IPO (initial public offering), allowing the public to buy into the company. The aim is to help finance the building of a new brewery and keep creating great craft beer. I’ve just gone online and bought into the scheme.

Personally, this is my first foray into share ownership and there are a number of reasons why I’ve gone for it:

-          Supporting British brewing: There are some great small (and large) brewers in the UK making awesome beer. Brewdog’s bullish attitude versus the deluge of generic lager on the UK market is commendable (and necessary), plus they’ve given us some fantastic brews such as the Punk IPA and the 5am Saint.

-          The numbers stack up: Brewdog started life just four years ago as two men, a dog and a £30,000 bank loan. Now it employs 65 people and is set to turn over £6.5 million in 2011. You can trust a business model like that, and it’s unique and aggressive marketing will no doubt help it grow even further

-          Personal interest: Brewdog is from Aberdeenshire, I have Aberdonian roots. Nuff said.

You can log on and get your shares here and do your bit to help the craft beer revolution.